A query letter, which is not to be confused with a letter of inquiry, is a letter written to a periodical or publishing house to gauge potential interest in one's book or article. Query letters are frequently used in journalism and creative non-fiction. The query letter is often accompanied by a treatment, outline, or summary of a proposed article, chapter, or book.

A query letter generally contains the following:

1. The name and length and type of manuscript you are sending. 2. What your story, article, or book is about (or will be about). 3. Your writing qualifications (previous publications and/or expertise in a particular subject) 4. A note of thanks to the editor or publisher for his/her time.

Along with the query letter, a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) must also be sent, if you are sending by regular mail. Many writers often send their query letters and writing samples via e-mail, but it is good to first check with the publisher or editor to find out how they prefer to receive query letters.

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