One must always include up-to-date contact information within one's letter of inquiry, cover letter, portfolio, resume, and CV (curriculum vitae). As of 2007, the following contact information is considered vital:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • City of operations

The following contact information can be helpful:

  • Mailing Address (If you are planning to conduct much of your business through the mail, this information becomes vital)
  • Fax number
  • Electronic portfolio or blog website address

Phone NumberEdit

Make sure the phone number listed in the portfolio is working and current. Do NOT use your current work number.

When sending out portfolios for review, ensure that your voice mail message is informative enough to include at least your phone number, but preferably your name. Resist the urge to show off your voice talents, unless you are submitting voiceover demos.


Email addresses should be simple and functional: or something along those lines. Avoid any and all references to drugs, drinking, sex and illicit activities in your professional email address. Consider choosing an address without a string of numbers (i.e. johndoe05145).

If your portfolio evidences your work as a freelance artist, consider using the email addresses that usually comes with your website hosting.