For more than 40 years Bucks County Community College has provided quality programs and services to the entire community. As one of the first community colleges in the Commonwealth, Bucks has established traditions of excellence that continue to this day. Bucks graduates have succeeded wherever they have gone; other universities, in business or government, in public services, and in health care. We expect you to be part of that success story that is written one student at a time.

Undergraduate Portfolio for CreditEdit

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) offers the possibility of receiving college credit for knowledge that has been gained outside the traditional classroom. The Office of Experiential Learning helps potentially qualified people evaluate their prior learning to determine its equivalency to college level learning. Students should recognize that college credits are usually useful to them if the credits are a required part of a major or certificate program.

There are various methods of earning college credit for Prior Learning Experience by eligible candidates, including a portfolio. Students interested in challenging a course by portfolio must first discuss the process with the Coordinator, Experiential Learning, and are required to meet with her a number of times to present and discuss a series of drafts and stages, before the portfolio is deemed ready for submittal.

A portfolio is a written presentation, consisting of a number of different sections, that demonstrates and verifies in a precise fashion that the candidate has knowldge equivalent to that taught in a college level course. The portfolio may be submitted in a three ring binder or electronically. The assessor willbe an expert in the field, who teachs the course being challenged.

There is a $60.00 charge per portfolio.

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